Interview with VoyageLA

 Golden Caviar Skin Care's Pooneh Manshadi

Thanks for sharing your story with us Pooneh. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.

At a young age, I always had a problem with my skin and as the years went by, it wasn’t getting any better. Frustrated and not knowing what to do, I went to many dermatologists and none of them could get my skin to where I wanted it and quick. Being Persian, caviar was always something that we were accustom to. Knowing all the benefits and amazing collagen reproduction abilities it had, I started my research and was amazed at what caviar actually does! Wasting no time, I started with the bio chemistry of it all and noticed that caviar cells are the most similar to human skin cells, and so Golden Caviar Skin Care was born in 2001 and has boomed ever since!

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